sTANDEM Project

The sTANDEM Project: a new initiative to monitor proficiency in Medical English

The Pyramid Group is proud to announce its partnership in the sTANDEM project – a new initiative which has been set up to develop a Standardised Language System for Medical Purposes (sTANDEM). It will promote, assess and certify the command of professional English among medical and healthcare professionals around the world. Hospitals and other health institutions where English is the language of communication who plan to employ staff whose first language is not English will then have reliable information about their English language proficiency in a professional context.


The main rationale behind the sTANDEM project is to provide both the educational sector and the professional medical sector with standardised assessment tools, which will measure linguistic competences for professional purposes in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). A unified, system which will recognize the linguistic competence of medical professionals will be developed, by means of an international certificate.

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