Selected Presentations & Workshops

We received a great response to the call for papers.  The following have been selected to do a presentation or workshop at the conference.  Details of the session they have been allocated to will be included in the conference programme issued on the day.  Click here for details of the conference schedule.

Annamaria Győrfi (Romania) – Standardisation of Medical English – Abstract & Summary

Catherine Richards (Switzerland) – The Language of Radiographers – Abstract & Summary

Marie McCullagh (UK) – Developing Materials for Negotiating Treatment – Abstract & Summary

Ros Wright (France) – EMP Teacher Training: A Framework for Good Practice – Abstract & Summary

Sheila Thorn (UK) – Creating Authentic Medical English Teaching Materials – Abstract & Summary

Virginia Allum (UK) – Medical English Tests: How Much Medical? How Much English? – Abstract & Summary

Ellenor McManus (Italy) – ESP for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Trainees – Abstract & Summary

Irina Markovin /Svetlana Pisklakova (Russia) – Get Ready for Academic Mobility: a New Tutorial on Intercultural Communication for the Russian Medical Profession – Abstract & Summary

Neslihan Onder Ozdemir (Turkey) – Cut the mustard: producing updated in-house materials in light of medical students’ essays and feedback – Abstract & Summary

Janet Byron Anderson PhD (USA) – Teaching Medical English When Disease Terminology Is Inconsistent – Abstract & Summary

Jonathan McFarland (Spain) – Clinical Sessions in English in a Spanish Hospital – Abstract & Summary

Lesley Hay (UK) – Promoting Effective Clinician-Patient Spoken Communication Through English Language Teaching and Assessment: the Case of the Occupational English Test – Abstract & Summary

Linda Vogt (Germany) – Medilingua: English for Medical Purposes Program (Munich University) – Abstract & Summary

Liudmyla Kryvenko/Rozana Nazaryan (Ukraine) – Dental Care Habits and Knowledge of Oral Health in Teenagers and in Young People of Ukraine – Abstract & Summary

Loreta Zavadskienė (Lithuania) – Students Make a Diagnosis – Abstract & Summary