The Pyramid Group

logoThe Pyramid Group is a leading provider of a broad range of specialist English training (ESP), for example, English for the Legal, Medical, Technical, HR, Insurance, Logistics and Construction sectors.

The company is headquartered in Ulm, Germany and has offices in over 40 countries throughout the world such as Brazil, Gulf States, Botswana, Italy, United Kingdom, Russia, Norway, Libya, Uruguay and China.

As well as providing translations and interpreting in 58 languages, The Pyramid Group also includes The French Academy and eBooks World (epublishing and POD).

The Pyramid Group is the official commercial partner of the Technical University Dresden and is involved in numerous EU-sponsored international projects. Furthermore, it is a partner in Pete Sharma Associates, a leading provider of training that focuses on the integration of educational technology into language courses (learning technologies for language organisations and language teachers).

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